Hong Kong Tower. High jackpots in the Far East

Hong Kong Tower slot

Hong Kong Tower online casino slot contains three wheels of fortune with prizes of different categories, plus a bonus game that offers guaranteed wins. There are a number of special features in this 5-reel game, including mystery symbols that can transform into other icons in order to create more potentially winning combinations. In short, Hong Kong Tower combines the fun and excitement of the city with the chance to win the top prize of 301,650 coins!

Background and Gambling

The design of this slot is ultra-modern with its bright colours, deep lines and dramatic imagery, which transport the player to the city of Hong Kong. The background scene shows a dark night sky, with twinkling stars and bright neon-coloured skyscrapers. In the foreground we see a river with boats floating on the shimmering waters, creating a sense of calm even amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Symbols on the reels include Yin and Yang, diamonds and red lotus flowers, while the betting options offer some interesting ways to increase the chances of winning. The betting range can vary from 20 cents to $100, as well as giving the player the opportunity to choose a ‘betting strategy’ to change the level of their play automatically.

The betting strategies are: Optimiser, Equaliser, Booster and Jumper. The Optimiser bets a percentage of your balance, from 1% for the more conservative players, up to 10% for the more daring. The Equaliser raises the bet by 2 levels after 5 concurrent losses. The Booster raises 1 level after a loss until it reaches 4 levels above the base. And the Jumper goes up after any win until it reaches 4 levels above the base level.

Mystery symbol takes the form of others

The mystery symbol in Hong Kong Tower is the game logo. This special icon can be transformed into any of the other symbols on the screen for a chance to get more winning combinations. In case there is no winning match in the spin, the symbol will not animate.

Three wheels of fortune in a lucrative bonus round

If you manage to find a blue mystery symbol or at least 3 red mystery symbols on the screen, you will trigger the Wheels of the Sky bonus game! If you get the blue symbol, or 4 or 5 red icons, this will give you 2 extra lives for the duration of the bonus game.

The three wheels of fortune are located at the top of the Hong Kong Tower. During this exciting bonus round, you can enjoy guaranteed wins as you reach new stages, and each time you hit the ‘level up’ arrow you can access the wheel that offers a bigger prize.

Play Hong Kong Tower at mobile casino

In addition to the desktop game, offers the opportunity to play Hong Kong Tower on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. From the mobile casino, the game displays multiple effects in full screen, which can be enjoyed in both landscape and portrait mode. If you hold your mobile or tablet in landscape, the images will fill the screen for maximum impact, while if you choose to hold your device in portrait, it will allow for greater mobility for more hands-on gameplay. The software is fully optimised to offer a seamless experience on any mobile device thanks to Mobile Casino, the world’s largest mobile internet casino!

Maximum winnings, payout percentages and volatility

The biggest prize that can be achieved in Hong Kong Tower is $301,650, while the payout percentage is a whopping 96.3%. This slot has a high volatility of 9 out of 10, which means that its gameplay is a rollercoaster of highs and lows. You can go for a long period of time without hitting any wins, but as soon as you hit the lucky symbol, you’ll be rewarded with huge prizes!

Beautifully designed gameplay with an exciting bonus feature

Hong Kong Tower slot is an electrifying urban adventure with a dramatic atmosphere and modern look. Icons combine oriental symbolism with neon colours, while vibrant music and animations bring the action to life. Fans of Asian-themed games such as Xing Guardian, Koi Princess, Year of Luck and Red Mansions will thoroughly enjoy this game thanks to its inspiration from exotic oriental culture, as well as the spectacular views of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Not forgetting the mystery symbols and the exciting bonus feature that is regularly triggered to reward players with the chance to win high prizes from the Hong Kong Tower!

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