Football betting strategies: the bettor’s Holy Grail

Football betting strategies

Before you start reading about football betting strategies, I want to make a confession. I’m not a successful tipster and I don’t make a living from sports betting, but I’ve been in the betting world for more than 7 years and I enjoy a little extra money every month. Because yes, I love betting on football, do I win all the time? No, but I lose a lot. Do I lose a lot? No. And I have achieved this thanks to some football betting strategies that I have learnt over the years and that I would like to share with you now. Then you can decide which of these football betting strategies suits you best. Let’s get started!

Simple football sports betting strategies

Statistics are a fundamental pillar to hold on to as a first contact when it comes to putting football betting strategies into practice. And with them we are going to start to investigate some clues that will provide us with data to know how to bet.

If you are just starting out in the world of betting or simply don’t want to get too complicated, we will analyse the simplest market: the match winner. That is, betting like the traditional betting pool: 1 – X – 2. And for this type of bet, we recommend a simple strategy for betting on football: the DNB.

What is DNB?

If you have started looking for information about football betting strategies, you may well have come across the concept of DNB betting. No, it is not a new bookmaker, but a type of betting with which you can use your knowledge to make good bets.

But let’s start with its meaning. With this acronym hides a type of betting in English: Draw No Bet. We call it Draw No Bet. It is also well known in the world of sports betting as Tie, not a valid bet. In other words, betting on the winner of the match without counting the draw.

In other words, from the traditional match winner market: 1 – x – 2, the draw will not be taken into account, because if the match ends in a draw, the bet is returned. That is the big advantage. You bet on the winner of one team or the other and if they draw, the bet is returned. As it could not be all advantages, it should be noted that the odds for this DNB market are lower.

In the world of betting, the “DNB” or “Draw, no bet” is usually used in football matches where there is a strong favourite team, and in this way, we can cover our backs on a possible draw. In addition, with time and experience in the world of betting, you will be able to introduce this type of bet in combination bets to make the resulting odds even more attractive.

Betting on a draw

We know that the goal in football is to win and that any team that wins the match will win. But we also know that a draw is a very common result every matchday, right? Just look at the standings and you’ll see how many draws most teams have. This fact, together with the attractive odds offered by online bookmakers, leads us to think about using a strategy to bet on football with a draw as the result.

To give you a simple example, if you take Barcelona, Atletico and Real Madrid out of the equation, the 2017/18 season saw an average of almost 10 draws per team. Just think that the odds on the draw easily exceed 3.00, it is not difficult to understand that it is a strategy that in the long term will be positive. If we also refine our instincts and analyse the statistics of specific teams (mostly mid-table) and specific situations, the possibilities multiply.

For more experienced bettors, this strategy of betting on the draw could be combined with sports betting systems such as the Martingale, which is a system that comes from the world of casino betting. We recommend you take a look at this option, provided you can afford a slightly higher investment.

Both teams score

We continue with our peculiar review of the simplest and most profitable football betting strategies. Who doesn’t remember the great Rayo Vallecano of Paco Jémez in the 2012/13 season. The modest Vallecano team always played attacking, attacking football and, at times, with defensive deficiencies. They finished with 50 goals scored and 66 conceded in 38 matches.

They are the perfect example of a team that any good bettor could place their Both teams score bet with some peace of mind knowing that they will get it right. For like Rayo Vallecano, in every football league in different countries there are one or more teams with a knack for scoring and conceding goals. Make a note of them in your favourite diary and bet on this market that usually gives more than interesting odds.

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Of course, if you already know these football betting strategies, we propose a new challenge: the 5 sports betting systems. In this post you will discover a more advanced stage to use methods to try to win bets.

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