Canada Shows Amazing Gambling Statistics


According to the 33rd AGS report, the country has seen positive results not only in the sports betting market but also in other gambling industries. Compared to the same period last year, the total volume of sports betting showed an increase of 13% to $ 920 million. 

Total gambling spending was $ 18 billion, with most of the money spent on casinos, lottery, slot machines and Keno. By the end of June this year, 196,000 slot machines were operating in Canada, most of which are located in Queensland and New South Wales. With the help of the fast PlayAmo casino login procedure, Canadians can get access to all of the above-mentioned games and the best bonuses.

  • Canada has always been a country where a huge number of people play online gambling, spending an enormous amount of money on this.
  • It was the Canadians who were awarded the title of the most active virtual gamblers in the world, ready to play more than others in online casinos.
  • In addition, they spend a decent amount of money on such entertainment. From this, we can conclude that they bring profit to various gambling sites the most. 

Such results of the study were completely unexpected because earlier the inhabitants of Canada did not stand out for their gambling. From the very beginning of these studies, no one paid due attention to the Canadians. Perhaps this situation has arisen due to the fact that the gambling business is not completely legalized here. Moreover, new schemes for its legalization are periodically developed for online gambling, and various casino bonuses are invented. 

New Casino Operator Will Appear in Sydney

Star Entertainment Group

Due to the active growth of the casino market in Sydney (Canada), local operators will soon face competition. The Sydney casino gambling market offers new opportunities to expand the country’s gambling industry. It became known that the operator Star Entertainment Group is preparing for the fact that a new operator may appear soon.

John O’Neill, chairman of Star Entertainment Group, said that the company is constantly waiting for a new operator. John O’Neill reported the following: 

“Our group is confident that when Crown hits the market, they will start hiring our employees. But we are fully sure of our team and are ready for the upcoming competition. The team already knows what Crown will offer at Barangaroo. They call it VIP, but the point is that the objects will only have table games, and the minimum bets will start from $ 20.”

Star Entertainment Group currently has a gambling monopoly in Sydney, but with the emergence of a new operator, they will lose their monopoly.

Recall that last year their activities were threatened due to a scandal that broke out. But the independent director of alcohol and gambling control in New South Wales said The Star Entertainment Group Limited was not involved in the scandal and may continue to partner with Star Sydney Casino.

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