Techniques to win at sports betting: Do you apply them?

win at sports betting

Many people looking for techniques to win money in sports betting are asking the wrong questions. Sometimes they are looking for a method to make money from online gambling by skipping the basics of how to play the game, which is a very short route. But if you already know the basics, they can be of great use to you. 

Imagine if there were techniques to win money in sports betting that didn’t require any knowledge, that everyone could apply and that magically make you win huge amounts? Then… everyone would be rich in sports betting without any knowledge! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. What are these requirements?

  • You know how to control what budget you should invest depending on how clear you see the bet.
  • You know how the odds work and what they mean.
  • You know how to make accurate forecasts for a sporting event: look at the background, the form of the participants…
  • You control the eventualities that may occur: injuries, moments of mood…
  • You have a record of the markets where you generally perform best.

If you have these basics in place, get ready to enjoy some little-known techniques for making money in sports betting. Bookmakers are full of experienced gamblers looking for these types of opportunities. Do you want to be one of them?

Bullish betting: Money-making techniques

This type of betting is based on looking for odds that are higher than the probability of the event happening, which we are sorry to say is not 100% objective. Many times, these odds change as events happen, but if you are attentive and/or quick you can find good opportunities. For example, in a match there is a 50% chance that the away team will win, which would be a 2.0 odds.

Imagine a home player gets injured and you take the opportunity to bet before the odds change. Or you see that a 50% chance odds (assigned by you) is at 2.2 and at the other bookmakers it is 1.8… Who would miss this opportunity? There are many conditions for an odds to be above the (subjective) odds, but these techniques for making money in sports betting have one thing in common: you have to get the basics right. If you don’t know what odds equate to an odds, compare them to each other and mark odds on forecasts… don’t go looking for upside bets just yet!

Find the surebets

To understand surebets, you need to know how to convert odds to probabilities by simply dividing 100 by the odds to get a percentage probability. If you find three odds on an event with their odds less than 100%, then betting on all three markets is a sure win. It’s as simple as that.

Now, these techniques to win money in sports betting are mostly curious, because by betting on a market and calculating the odds well, you will win more in the long run. However, it doesn’t hurt to know them. In this article, you can find all the explanation about surebets, either because you want more information out of curiosity or to apply them.

Techniques to make money in sports betting by hedging

There are many systems like Patent that have the same logic for sports betting. Find an intermediate step between a simple money line bet (low profit and low risk) and a combined bet (high profit and high risk). If, for example, we consider that Betis, Granada and Malaga will win a matchday, we could bet $7 on a combined bet on all three.

If we win, we will win a high figure, but if one of the three loses, we will lose everything. So, do I bet $2.33 on all three winning separately? There is an intermediate step. You could bet $1 ($3 in total) on each team winning, $1 ($3 in total) on a double bet on all three teams and $1 on the triple bet. What is the advantage of these techniques for making money in sports betting? If you win the match, you will win (a little less than with a pure triple match but you will still make a good profit), but if you win part of the way, you will also win. Or at least you won’t lose everything.

One step further: Sports trading

This concept is rescued from the stock market world and it works in a similar way. It basically consists of taking advantage of ‘momentum’. Do you think you can be quicker than the bookmakers to find disproportionately high paying markets?

You can play with these techniques to make money on sports betting in the hours leading up to an event, or once it has started. Obviously, to play with these and the other systems you need to have a great knowledge of the betting world, otherwise you will easily end up in disaster.

Do you want to get to the level of playing these betting systems as much fun as you used to? It’s time to stop procrastinating, grab a welcome bonus and start practising. Using it will help you learn in the real world of betting, not just in theory, but without compromising your savings too much. Ready to learn?

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